Do you know children's words in English?

Children's vocabulary is full of funny expressions. The article will help you to communicate with young native speakers of English.

Children of each country have their own special words and their own ways of explaining with adults and among themselves. English is not as rich in diminutive suffixes as Russian, but in it some words can be made more "childish."

The suffix -y / -ie is often used for this. For example: birdie - birdie, horsie - horse, kitty - kitten, "kitty". If you have to communicate with English-speaking children, the following words and phrases may be useful to you:

bagsie chur! (in terms of the form “I bagsie the front seat in the car!” - “Chur, I'll go in the front seat!”) binky plush toy (usually with which the child sleeps) boo-boo cut, sore, “wawa” bow-wow woof-woof (means both a dog and a sound made by her) bunny rabbit, bunny choo-choo train, “chukh-chukh” daddy daddy, daddy do a poo do “aa” do a wee-wee do “pi pi ”fraidy-cat, scaredy-cat coward give a piggyback ride to ride on the back, carry go beddy-byes go to bed,“ bainki ”goody is used as a joyful exclamation:“ great! ”itsy-bitsy is very small, tiny meanie, meany bad, angry; harm mommy (AmE), mummy (brE) mom, mommy nana, nanny grandmother naughty naughty, ill-mannered neener-neener teaser, “be-be-be” ​​roly-poly somersaults patty handle, piggy pig's foot, piggy sweetie sweety candy sweetness (also used as an adult's sweet appeal to a child) tag tattle catch-up game snitch, complain about someone teeny-weeny, tiny-winy tiny, toy teeter-totter swing in the form of a board tootsies toes, feet, tum, tummy belly upsy-daisy, whoops-a-daisy interjection, is used when a child falls or something drops a uppy on the handles (“I want uppy” - “I want on the handles”) yippee “cheers! "(Exclamation of joy, delight) yummy, yum-yum delicious

And here are two more important words from the children's vocabulary: try to independently translate the dialogue from the beloved TV series “The Big Bang Theory” and guess what the funny wee-wee and boom-boom mean:

Raj: It's a potty, what do you call it?
Howard: A toilet.
Raj: That's a little bit vulgar, don't you think?
Howard: And potty is okay?
Raj: Potty is innocent. Potty is adorable.
Howard: what do you do on the potty, wee-wee?
Raj: If I don't have to boom-boom.

Interesting, isn't it? Now, knowing these funny words and phrases, it will be easier for you to make contact with an English-speaking child. Tell the children in your family about these words - it will be very interesting and informative for them!

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Raj: That's a little bit vulgar, don't you think?
Howard: And potty is okay?
Howard: what do you do on the potty, wee-wee?
Interesting, isn't it?