Nikita Kiosse from MBAND seems to have found his love. And Nyusha helped him with this!

Last week singer and composer Nyusha launched a social project # nyusha9life . These are nine short stories that are united by one idea. In the filming of the first short story, Nyushi’s relatives took part - her grandfather Vyacheslav Anatolyevich Shurochkin and a friend Dima Bilan . Estimate "The first story" you can already on the web. Today, the singer is the second short story.
In the new mini-movie, the soloists of the band MBAND appeared . For four minutes they became office workers. And Nikita Kiosse in the novel got the main role - a guy who is looking for love in social networks.

“We agreed unconditionally to take part in the filming of Nyusha's stories. First of all, we love and respect her very much. Secondly, this is a really interesting project. Ambiguous. In some places even philosophical. There is something to think about and what to take into account. And we are socially active guys and this motivating story is what we need! ”, Nikita says.

By the way, the project Nyusha planned for her big concert at - November 2 at Crocus City Hall . Her new show is called “9 lives”
“Thank you guys from MBAND for taking part in the shooting. I especially want to highlight Nikita, who played a major role. Together with the director of "Nine Lives" Dasha Belova, we did not doubt the choice of a hero in this novel. I am glad that we got a funny ironic video in which we tried to encourage people to start with themselves and change the world around us. ”

Now we are waiting for the third story of Nyusha . Who will be her next hero? Follow the news on our site!

Who will be her next hero?