About laziness and tiredness of a small child

  1. Causes of child idleness
  2. Mind the child does not understand

Once upon a time there was a baby, and once upon a time he got lazy and tired. And since no "nurofenov" from these diseases have not yet been invented, you will have to deal with them with ancient folk remedies, reliable and proven.

Causes of child idleness

Every emotional state, like every situation, has its own cause and effect. For example, the accumulated anger is an indication that a person is forced to live differently than he wants, and irritation is an organism’s response to overload. And if negative states are delayed in time, the consequences can become unpredictable.

What are the reasons for children's laziness, if almost all babies (pathologies are an exception) are born, active, persistent and inquisitive? And thanks early childhood development techniques , by the age of five, children successfully master literacy, oral accounts and even foreign languages. And by the same five years, child psychologists have several types of laziness:

  • Physical laziness . It can be triggered by illness, malaise, fatigue, avitaminosis.
  • Laziness from disorganization . The child really does not know where to start, and even more so - how to finish it.
  • Boredom . The cause of boredom is monotony and monotony. The child clearly lacks new interesting impressions and sensations.
  • Laziness, as a brake before difficult tasks . There are two possible options.
  1. A child may do nothing at all, fearing failure or criticism.
  2. A child does anything, just not what is needed.

If you want your child to really grow up and take responsibility, then stop taking care of and controlling him for any reason. And if the task is difficult, it can be divided into several consecutive actions.

  • Laziness, like an idle lifestyle . The most limp and shameless type of laziness. In children, it is extremely rare, like looping on cartoons or outright doing nothing.

Mind the child does not understand

Mind the child does not understand

Sometimes, when a small child declares that he is tired, for some parents this is a real surprise: “How tired? You haven't done anything yet! Two days ago, you rushed around the park all day like mad, and at least henna! And then he folded three dice and was tired! ”

Here it is necessary to understand the main thing that small children do not live with the mind, but with sensations. They feel very well the inner state and mood of adults. They do not know what you were doing at work, but when you come from there, squeezed like a lemon, and you are not interested in anything, then this particular state for the baby is called “mom is tired”.

And when he himself becomes bored, uninteresting, and it is unclear why and who needs it, he interprets his condition to you as fatigue. But if at this moment to offer him a game, learning in the form of a game , to visit or go for a walk, then there will be no trace of his “fatigue”.

Fatigue in a child begins where interest ends . Unlike adults, who, for the most part, live with reason, purpose, sense of duty, and the word "NEED!". But it would be useful for them to know that when we do something without pleasure, we lose energy. At the same time, toxins accumulate in our body, and the aging process starts. But the favorite and interesting work, and especially a hobby, give a powerful surge of strength. No wonder Eastern wisdom says: "If you can not do what you love, try to love what you do!"

Children have a lot of energy until you ask them to do something. But it's not about the children, but the request. If there is no novelty, joy, element of the game in it, or it will be incomprehensible to the child, then he will not run up too much. Children intuitively become lazy and apathetic if they do not enjoy what they are doing. Laziness is a kind of protective mechanism that blocks the leakage of energy.

A small child lives with emotions, so you need to keep him interested in domestic affairs, activities, to notice his progress, thereby creating good habits. After all, providing all possible assistance and performing their household duties, a child learns to be disciplined and hardworking. Then laziness from disorganization or from fear of difficulties does not threaten him.

Well, if training and preparation for school will also be held in the form of a game. The doctrine with passion does not know laziness and fatigue. And our preschool school "Miracle-Chado" each time confirms this truth, revealing to his young students a wonderful world of knowledge.


What are the reasons for children's laziness, if almost all babies (pathologies are an exception) are born, active, persistent and inquisitive?