How to make a guy meet with you. How to make the guy offered to meet an indecisive girl

  1. Stranger
  2. His man
  3. Different kind of manipulations
  4. First, it is necessary to determine the reason why your contented person does not consider you as a beloved.
  5. Secondly, it is necessary to determine a plan of action for the "capture"
  6. The interests of men
  7. A man is a child
  8. And the last is freedom

Sometimes it happens that with a guy you are just friends, colleagues or study together. But you want more, because you understand how dear this person is to you. Well, he can’t go beyond pure companionship and offer to meet.

Of course, meetings with each other take place periodically, but you cannot call them romantic dates. Nevertheless, you have repeatedly noticed the shine in his eyes, the emotional vivacity of meeting with you. “Yes, he is in love!” - you think. But why do men in such situations continue to hide their feelings?

The answer will be quite trivial. When you cast a fishing rod, there is not always confidence in the catch. So the guy is not sure that his revelation will be rewarded with a proper response. He just does not want to be rejected by the girl who sees in him only a friend. After all, there is a risk to permanently spoil the relationship. Yes, he is just afraid of losing you forever! But what to do with it? After all, you are already beginning to get nervous, knowing that for the time you just chatting with each other, go sometimes to the cinema or to a cafe, and then, as a rule, as a part of a company, you could already not only indulge in romantic meetings, but and create a family and even have a baby! And the chosen one is silent.

In such cases, the girls try to take the initiative in their hands. And here an old stereotype, which is so well reflected in A.S. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin". Of course, the times are not the same, but for some reason the fair sex often goes into a stupor, wanting to open first. And the thing is this. You can strike at male ego. A man must be sure that he controls the situation. And then his girlfriend herself decides to transfer relations to other rails. And the guy will not be able to succumb to her persuasion, since he considers this a manifestation of weakness. On the other hand, if he likes the girl, he will not reject her claims sharply. But to disappear forever - will consider a good way out. Of course, some couples in this regard are more lucky, and sometimes the timid "nerd" takes a bang from a friend.

In other cases, it is necessary to be able to provoke a guy to the first step. Here you need to be able to perfectly feel your partner. First, we must be able to admire his positive qualities. But do not make him an idol. Nobody is interested in dealing with an absolute slave. It's so boring when you meekly agree, whatever you ask. Secondly, it is necessary to divide its interests. This will bring you closer and allow you to stay alone with each other for a long time. Thirdly, it is time to tempt him already. But if you immediately show the guy a striptease or accidentally touch his erogenous zones, it will plunge him into shock. And then even the friendship may come to an end. And if you put on something a little more frank or tight, than you usually wear, put on a better makeup, in the end, it is beautiful to move in front of him, paying attention to yourself - everything can turn out. The guy will see in front of him not only a friend, but also a charming girl. And if you continue to tease him like that, sooner or later he will show himself.

Greetings to you, dear ladies! According to popular belief, a girl cannot take the initiative in a relationship and invite a guy for a date. Fear of being available, frivolous. But what to do when the young man terribly like you and you want to meet with him? Today I want to talk to you about how to persuade a guy to meet. In addition, I will tell you what to do when a man after a quarrel does not want to talk to you and why manipulation is dangerous.


First, let's talk about how to attract the attention of an unfamiliar guy who is very cute. In fact, there are a lot of options. You can ask directly if he wants to meet and take a walk or go to a cafe. But not all men will appreciate such directness, so let's consider other options.

First, in it you can collect a large amount of necessary information about it. What is he interested in, where does he work, with whom does he communicate, what kind of music does he listen to and so on. Secondly, this is where you can start your communication.

Just collect the information correctly. Remember that not everything is the truth that is written on the Internet. You can create an image of any kind, but few people flaunt a real one. A woman can create an image of an independent business woman, but in fact she is an unhappy and lonely lady. So the guys. In appearance, he may seem to be pompous with a peacock, and inside he is humble and shy.

Do not be too active, do not comment on each photo and status. Leave your messages only in those places that you are genuinely interested and responded in the shower. After all, if the conversation with the guy continues, then you will need to support the topic.

You can always use his hobbies. For example, to invite to the concert of his favorite group, they say you have an extra ticket lying around. Or ask him for help if he understands the car.

Remember, men love to teach women something. For example, he is an avid bike racer. Ask him to teach you to ride.

For you I have in store two articles that will help you understand the manifestation of sympathy from the guy and tell you how to behave in order to attract his attention: "" and "".

His man

His man

But how to persuade to meet a man with whom you have long been in a relationship? How to behave if he was offended, who should be the first to take the initiative after a quarrel? You will find all about men's offenses in the article "". I can only say that it’s not scary to take the initiative, and sometimes it’s even very useful.

When you have long been in a relationship you have an advantage. You know your young man, you know how you can surprise or please him. For example, if you rarely cook at home, then prepare a delicious and hearty dinner, men like to eat well, especially homemade food.

If your partner loves cars, then you can invite him to an exhibition of old cars, where after a conversation and solve your problems, because of which you had a fight. Just remember, do not start the scandal again. If you are not ready to talk yet, then you should not organize a meeting, only aggravate the matter.

Men respond quite well to a call for help. The faucet in the bathroom broke, the computer does not turn on, the shelf has fallen off, the car does not start and so on.

Remember, only one person is to blame for a quarrel. So think about what you did wrong last time and correct it.

Different kind of manipulations

Different kind of manipulations

The most common female manipulation is sex. Yes, men are willing to meet this excuse. But do not abuse them too much. And if you are not yet familiar, I don’t recommend you to use it at all.

First, for a long time on such a manipulation, you can not hold a man. And secondly, sex should not be a manipulation in a relationship.

When you ask a man to come talk, then be prepared to clearly and clearly express your arguments. Do not put pressure on emotions and rely only on what you think or want. Do not throw in it only claims. Express what you both are wrong. Try to decide together how to fix it.

Do not use relations ultimatums. Do not put a man in front of a choice.

Such stories are very often encountered when a girl says: either I or your friends / fishing / work / mother and so on. You should never put a person in front of such a choice. You must respect his privacy and space. Just as he should respect your personal space.

In the article "" I tell in detail what can be the result of such manipulations in a relationship. Relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. And there is no place for games in submission (unless it is not about bedding).

What are you doing to attract the attention of men? Do you use manipulations and ultimatums in relationships? What do you feel when they try to manipulate you?

Do not be afraid to take the initiative, be confident in yourself and you will succeed!

Girls are such gentle, indecisive, mysterious creatures. At least that's what most men think. Well, do not break their stereotypes. In the end, a man only feels like a man next to a naive, defenseless girl. But is it really worth being like that? You can be fragile, thin and adapt to the flow of events, and you can take control of the situation and do what you need.

The most typical situation - I liked the guy, but he himself does not decide on anything more than just friendship. And in order to push your chosen one to a relationship, you need to work hard.

First, it is necessary to determine the reason why your contented person does not consider you as a beloved.

Often, men simply do not notice a special relationship with the girls. But this is not a reason to rush to the neck every 15 minutes or constantly loom in front of him. In addition, do not call this man "friend." In this case, even with the presence of reciprocal feelings, he can stagnate and make a decision “friend means friend.”

The option in which you propose to meet him should not even be considered. Male vanity has not been canceled. From this it follows that your cavalier must himself come to this decision.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine a plan of action for the "capture"

Any girl on an intuitive level feels how much she likes a man. And if you feel mutual sympathy, feel free to proceed to action. Just do not become a toy for him, a doll, ready to run and do whatever he says on the first word.

Become irreplaceable and unique for him. Do not try to imitate dolls from glossy magazines, create yourself different from others. Also prepare a full arsenal of all sorts of "stuff" that will help you in the future.

Of course, do not forget about the update wardrobe. Do not forget about the purchase of underwear! buy underwear online store Annebra will be nice to both you and your young man . Only it needs to be reserved for a special case when you will be at a new stage of relations.

The interests of men

Also, you probably know about the secret predilections, the interests of men and that he does not like. Do not disregard this. It's like buttons, which you can silently press. Most likely, your chosen one likes football, hockey or some other kind of sport. Wonderful! You may not be able to addict to it as much, but you clearly do not miss the opportunity to offer your company for the next game.

A man is a child

They need to be admired and supported. Only without fanaticism. This should be done from the heart, sincerely. The beloved will easily feel the falsehood, and this will only turn him away from you.

And the last is freedom

For the male, it is very important to have your own zone. Let him know that you are not claiming his personal space. And in the end, if everything works out, he will let you in there.

It is foolish to wait for the weather by the sea! Act, and succeed!

But why do men in such situations continue to hide their feelings?
But what to do with it?
But what to do when the young man terribly like you and you want to meet with him?
How to behave if he was offended, who should be the first to take the initiative after a quarrel?
What are you doing to attract the attention of men?
Do you use manipulations and ultimatums in relationships?
What do you feel when they try to manipulate you?
But is it really worth being like that?